Emergency Procedure Fire Emergency

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6. Triangle of Fire

7. Taking the Fire man lift Step 1: Break the Fire man glass, switch on the fire man lift Step 2: Proceed to fire floor.

8. How is to use the fire extinguish?

2. As a Security Officer, what is my role and responsibility? My role is to help observe and remove of any fire hazard within the estate and to maintain workplace safety In Fire and Work Place Safety

9. What are the Do’s and Don’ts? • Do not take the lifts • Do not open the door when you feel heat on the door • Do not use water on Electrical Fir e • Go for the nearest staircase • Crawl on the floor when there is smoke

5. What I should do in the event of a REAL FIRE UPON REACHING LOCATION ATTEMPT to extinguish small fire with fire fighting equipment without personnel risk Evacuate all people near the fire and inform their management to account for their staff Contact CMS with building number: Inform CMS it is a FIRE and to activate SCDF Call POLICE at 999 Inform the Management (MA) Inform Focus Security (OE or OM) Make announcement via the PA system (if any) Direct traffic to unhindered arrival of fire engines, ambulance & Police Cars Crowd control at escape routes and assembly area Keep a record of the arrival of fire engines, police cars and give officers a brief of the situation Record full details of the Incident in the Occurrence Book Break the call point on the fire floor (this is to set the bell ringing again)

4. What should I do if it is a FALSE ALARM FIRE ALARM SOUND ON Record the cause of the fire alarm Example: faulty smoke, Damaged call point etc Make announcement about the false alarm via PA system if available Isolate the faulty zone and reset the sub fire panel Reset the main fire alarm panel (Located at FCC) Reset all lifts Contact CMS with building code number: Inform CMS you of the false alarm Inform the Management (MA) to rectify the fault Inform Focus Security (OE or OM ) Record incident in the Occurrence Book Record the following: a. Name of the operator b. Time of the repor t

3. What action I need to do when the fire alarm is activated? FIRE ALARM SOUND ON Make immediate check on fire panel the block / The sub panel will show which floor involed Contact CMS with building code number: Inform CMS you are investigating the cause of the alar m Record the following: a. Name of the operator b. Time of the repor t Step 1: Take the following equipment: F ire Extinguisher Step 2: Proceed to effected floor to verify the zon e of the alarm via fireman’s lift IMPORTANT Do not go to fire floor, stop 2 floor below and walk up the stairs


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