Handle Fire Emergency Situations

You are handling a fire related incident and in using a fire extinguisher, your main safety action would be:

The fire is small, you will stand how many meters away to use the fire extinguisher?

If the Fire Alarm is activated, what are the main steps you will do in sequence?

The principle to use Fire Extinguisher would be?

The Fire Safety Manager instruct you, to go the driveway to direct the fire engine and ambulance, you will proceed to do the following:

After a Fire related incident, you follow -up to record and submit at the soonest:

During a big fire incident, your immediate action for injured person?

Ordinary combustibles such as Wood, Paper and Cloth are classified as :

Once fire alarm is activated, you must call the DECAMP Operator (i.e. ADEMCO, CISCO & CHUBB) within ________ .

If the fire is big and Fire Safety Officer instructs you to evacuate the trapped people at the 10th Floor of the Building, you will do the following: